February 1, 2007

The worst thing about Joe Biden's comments...

Neil Kinnock said the same thing 25 years ago.

Yes, I am the world's oldest, dorkiest blogger.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


But I think Kinnock was actually talking about the dude from Fine Young Cannibals, who, in Kinnock's defense, was always clean as a whistle. . .

In any event, see:

Thursday's Question (No. 397)—"Pro-Procrastination":

"This is going to cost $30 billion, and there has been no national debate," said Delaware Sen. Joseph Biden, listing two of the reasons President Clinton should delay a decision on deploying a national missile-defense system. What is another of Biden's objections?
I'm not sure what else Biden said; let me check my 'Collected Speeches of Neil Kinnock.' —Gary Drevitch (similarly, Tim Carvell, Anthony Wright, Greg Diamond, Steven Davis, Joe Hawk, Kevin Gregg, and Josh Kamensky)

Do you know Ian Williams? Also known as deadline pundit. He was Kinnock's speechwriter at one point. Now lives in New York.

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