January 30, 2007

Why all my friends hate me

everywomanpic.gifA friend of mine who writes for a major women's magazine cc'd me on an e-mail seeking "witty comments" from her "guy friends" to include in an item about a survey finding that 49% of women want sex at least once per day. "What do you think?" she asked. "Duh? Shocking? Where have these women been all your life? Yes, for the first two months, then not so much?"

My reply: "Yeah, but never in the ass. It's like, Thanks for nothing, bitch."

I hope they run it.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Believe me, you won't be coveting that orifice so much once you see TEETH 2.

That brings up a question that hadn't occurred to me previously about whether the director has chosen a plot that unnecessarily limits his sequel opportunities. Maybe she can lose an eye.

I'm running your contribution in the story, along with your name, picture, and phone number. Thank me later!

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