January 29, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I'm not talking about last night's snowfall, lovely though it was. I'm talking about the gift that will apparently keep on giving: reviews for Peter Landesman's Trade. Here's my auto-summary of Variety.

Little more than a slipshod, trashy, sometimes exploitative thriller... fear-mongering... Troubling signs are as immediate as the opening credits... ghoulish... nasty... sordid sensationalism... gaping holes in logic... undercuts its own worst tendencies for stoking fear and paranoia by letting auds off the hook with at least four happy endings... sleaze.

Well at least it's faithful to the source material.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


You're being too kind. You left out the xenophobia and the "gaping holes in logic" - wonder how they came by those?

How does Landesman live with himself? Is the man completely deluded? He lost all of his journalistic integrity, if he ever had it, when that silly piece was run and he didn't fess up to his lack of rigor.

I love the fact that he excuses himself by claiming that "hey man, I was out there living it, while Radosh is sitting in his suburban basement". Well, I don't care if Radosh is some silly tweaker in a fly-over state. It doesn't change the fact that Landesman's article was an insult to the New York Times readers. That's what the silly, immature, insecure boy can't understand.

Now, if he'd stick to screen plays, that'd be better. He'll make more money and get to play fast-and-loose with the truth. But journalism has standards and Landesman is incapable of meeting them.

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