January 28, 2007

And I would have gotten away with it if not for you meddling kids and your Internets

So a friend of mine, Frank Koughan, wrote an article for Mother Jones last summer about how the FAA's abdication of its safety inspection role is putting passengers at risk..

This week he writes that his story has gotten results — just not the ones he expected. The FAA is trying to fire his source. Since talking with the press is not itself a violation of any rules, the FAA is instead claiming that the source took Frank to a repair facility under the pretense of conducting official business and identified him not as a reporter but as an individual who was helping the FAA gather data on surveillance methodology.

Unfortunately for the FAA, Frank is now telling the true story, complete with an uploaded audio recording of his source introducing him to the repair facility's director by saying, "Roger, this is Frank. Hes a reporter. Hes following me around doing an article on what aviation inspectors do." Of course, he told all this to the FAA investigators first, but they chose not to care. Unbelievably, they are sticking to their story in spite of the considerable evidence proving that it is false.

Can Frank save his source's job by going public? Only with the power of the blogosphere behind him!

So, probably not. But it's worth a shot.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I believe in Satyagraha -- the power of truth. When all one has is the truth one must keep repeating it with whatever voice one has. Bless you for your contribution to the cause of truth.

In addition to the brouhaha over FAA ineptitude and duplicity regarding the 9/11 attacks, the FAA is also a major villain and/or pawn in very plausible conspiracy theories involving the crash of JFK, Jr.'s plane, official explanations for which have never made sense.

Whatever one's conclusion, the FAA acted pretty shady in that affair. It's a matter of record that they were inexplicably unresponsive after the plane went missing, even blowing off Uncle Ted's urgent inquiries. Interesting documentary about it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMpTvULvPUI

"Let's not get lost in the swamp of facts..." Satyagraha indeed.

I'm still upset at the FAA for discontinuing Taco Supreme Doritos.

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