January 19, 2007

That shirt, however, is hilarious

This is not gonna help Valleywag's credibility. The Silicon Valley blog has named me one of The 12 Funniest People On The Internet. It's like being named the tallest person in a midget colony! (Do they still have midget colonies?)

It's also demonstrably untrue. Since most of what I do here isn't even intended to be funny (it's hard to take credit for the anti-caption contest, since you do all the actual comedy), I thought I'd at least welcome Valleywaggers with links to some of my all-time funniest posts — and then I couldn't think of any. That's how totally wrong Valleywag is (even if some of their other picks are pretty spot on; and I do want to get credit for being the first person to introduce you to Brad Neely).

So, strictly for the sake of preserving the last shred of Nick Denton's dignity, please let me know in the comments if you've ever seen anything on this site that has really made you laugh, and I will dig it out of the archives and link it up.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Denton? Nah, there was shredded some time ago. However, as the post is credited to Knows-No-Shame Douglas, it is another impressive down in a path already documented.

I really need to use the preview feature more often.

Actually, that caption about the corn dog was pretty funny. I was surprised it didn't even make it to finalist.

Your Star Wars parody is very funny. And, speaking of little people, I remember getting a laugh out of a piece you attempted to write, during the Reagan funeral mania.In particular, a reference to the James Watt slur.
Since I'm such a dour, unflappable guy, that should count for something.

For those keeping score, that's two people agreeing with me (have you never learned that when somebody makes self-deprecating comments, you're supposed to disagree?) and one recommending something that I wrote six years ago on another site and something else that I wrote three years ago and was unable to sell.

You have no idea what this means for my confidence.

It's the twelve funniest *people* on the internet-- it doesn't say they have to actually demonstrate it there. Perhaps he knew that you were really funny when talking to yourself in the shower.

Okay, I'll step up and disagree with the self-deprecation. For one thing, you certainly can take some credit for the anti-caption contest, since you do a good job of picking the winners and thus improve the quality of submissions by example. For another, your serious posts often have very funny headlines (like this one.)

Now I'm really laughing. Make that, dour, anflappable and sadistic. Nothing is as funny as misfortune!
BTW, which do you think is funnier:tripping over a curb, or steppiong up when there isn't one? I do them both, and I say the latter is.

Was my comment about your caption counted as a vote agreeing with your self-deprecation? If so, I demand a recount!

But let's get real here: You're a funny guy, all right, but you're not Richard Cohen funny.

Your Amazon contextual ads keep offering me Halloween Hootenanny and Santa's Greatest Hits. That's kind of funny.

Off the top of my head, these quickies are funny. Well-developed rack was funny, but sadly, the links expired.

But considering that one of the preeminent Internet comedians is Amanda Congdon, you should probably just point new readers to the scantily clad, barely legal, girl-on-girl, vampyric softcore posts. Here, I'll do it for you:

Radosh.net: It's a Hezbolicious hootenanny.

Hot damn, I just noticed these commenter hyperlinks are working now. I'm going to go ahead and take credit for that, too.

Funny ha-ha, or funny weird?

That picture is pretty funny.

Dinosaur Comics is good, but Achewood is better.

Since Jim is too humble *cough* to mention it, Daily Gut is often laugh-out-loud funny too.

Then I guess it doesn't help any to say I really like your stuff in Spy.

Your third-grade report about otters was the bees' knees.

Hope that helps.

Perhaps I'm an easy target, but this cracked me up.


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