January 17, 2007

A dubious Radosh.net contest!

teaiki_cover_lg.jpg With a not-at-all dubious prize!

Here's your chance to win a copy of The End As I Know It, the debut novel from radosh.net tech guru Kevin Shay. It's the book hailed as "sublimely multilayered" (LA Times), with a "sharp wit" (San Francisco Chronicle) and a "light and witty touch" (USA Today). Store it wherever you store other things that are also both sharp and light (switchblade feathers? balloonsaws?).

I want this excellent prize to go to someone who really knows, and perhaps even loves, this blog, so I've devised a challenge that tests your knowledge of my own "sharp yet light wit" (source needed). Esquire magazine has just posted its annual Dubious Achievement Awards, a feature to which I am a regular contributor. Earlier, I posted my rejected submissions, but some of my jokes actually made the cut. Of the 66 Dubious Acheivements posted on the Esquire web site, I can take credit — or blame — for 10. To win the contest, tell me which ones I wrote. Please choose exactly 10. The prize goes to the person with the most correct answers. One entry per person. Entries with more or fewer than 10 guesses will be discarded. In the event of a tie, I'll see if I can get more books out of Kevin's publisher; if not, a winner will be selected at random.

Please submit your answers by e-mail, with an appropriate subject line before Friday, January 26 at 5pm EST.

Please note: I submitted multiple headlines for some news items, so the fact that an item appears on my reject list does not necessarily mean that I didn't write the accepted headline for the same item (although it is more likely).

And while we're on the subject, here's one of my entries that made the magazine, but not the web site, which is too bad since it happens to be my favorite.

US Airways announced that it would sell advertisements on its air-sickness bags.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Who is Brian Daniel Radosh?

Who reads Esquire?

As a longtime blog book giveaway giver, I am happy to provide you an incredibly crucial piece of advice: It is preferable, when dispensing any goods, to use it as an opportunity to have your readers CREATE content for you--not research content you have already created.


I prefer a contest like this. If I could create any good content I'd have my own blog. Or at least some better entries for the Anti-Caption contest.

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