January 11, 2007


taylorswift_2_copy.jpg Maybe I've been wasting my time with these pop tarts. This here is 16-year-old country singer Taylor Swift, a farmer's daughter from Wyomissing, Pa., a town I've actually been to, for reasons I'll tell you all about someday. Her sound is 100% Nashville, though.

Her first single is a classic summer love number called Tim McGraw. You can listen to it on her web site — but if you're gonna bother, you should really watch the video, because let's face it, if it were Tim McGraw singing a song called Taylor Swift, you wouldn't be half as interested. The album is a little overproduced for my taste (here's a stripped-down live version) but the girl can sing, and, at least according to the publicity material, write her own stuff. And did I mention she's a stone fox? And so very proud of her country! Yee-haw!

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I've never "thought Tim McGraw" before. But I sure will now!

Also, what is Donal Logue doing in that second video?

Also, she's a little young to have had all that work done to her guitar. You're gonna need a whole new fretboard when you get married, Taylor.

Oh my goodness. How do you get me to watch this stuff. She is pretty and does have a nice voice. And at least you're having me watch this and not those little Nazi girls!

Frank Kogan suggests that Taylor Swift marks an important (potential) transition of the teenpop confessional sound to country, since it seems less and less viable in the teenpop market -- Michelle Branch/Jessica Harp (of "Perfectly"-penning fame) made a country move this year with the Wreckers, although the music isn't as teen confessional-sounding as Taylor's.

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