January 3, 2007

When we come back, death to the fascist insect that preys upon the life of the people. But first, here's Tom with the weather.


Kevin Guilfoile — living proof that at least one person watches The CW — forwards this clip from his hometown morning news program, which gave a local spin to its obligatory Beauty and the Geek promo. "The premise," he writes, "was to have three 'Beauties' and one 'Geek' go toe to toes in a trivia contest. The geek was asked questions about fashion and shopping while the three young women, competing as a team, were asked general knowledge questions. The point, I guess, was to show that the geek knew nothing about fashion and shopping while the women knew nothing about anything."

I'd have given bonus points to the lady in white for wearing that outfit when it's 34 degrees out (and to the one in black for wearing that one in 2007), but sadly the beauties lost. "But in their defense," writes Kevin, "the question they lost on should probably be disqualified on at least four technicalities."

Get out your pens and start circling the mistakes after the jump.


Posted by Daniel Radosh


What? What's the problem? It really was partly sunny at the time, OK?

(Hope the beauties didn't pick "B," as the way the question is worded would have made her not just the first woman but the first vertebrate in space.)

I think that "Hearst" is spelled wrong. I think "WGN" is spelled wrong too. Bow before my superior wisodm.

Even "and" is spelled wrong. It says "Beauty An the Geek"

C and D are both correct?

1. It's "Hearst" not "Hurst."

2. Per Wikipedia, she wasn't even born until 1954.

3. She was kidnapped in 1973, but on Feb. 4, not January 3.

That's the last time they hire Larry Stirling to write for them.

E. All of the Above. In addition, as evidenced by the above photo, Ms. Hduzst led an armed revolution against our floating, seven-headed, serpent-tailed overlords.

It was a Tuesday, by the way.

In the video the announcer says the date correctly, and the mistaken graphic is acknowledged right away. I find it delicious that this reference to an historical event that eventually led to tragedy and violent death is accompanied by the perky theme from The Price is Right. Nice touch.

An example of Ms. Hearst's sense of humor in later years, as juror #8 in Serial Mom (starting at 4:24): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-SNLDT1B_Q

I'm embarassed to admit this, but I'm not sure how the wording of the question would make her the first vertebrate in space. Kindly explain. (I'm dumb.)

That date is a little early for space travel.. the first man-made object in orbit was Sputnik I in 1957. Astronauts came later.

The second girl knew the right answer, but the Ace Bandage she was wearing was impeding her blood flow.

Maybe Patty Hurst Shifter?

>Maybe Patty Hurst Shifter?

Dude, those guys rock. It's like the lost dBs album.

Wait -- there's a lost deBarge album?!

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