January 3, 2007

Sugar shock

pumpgirls.jpg From the Ecclesiastes 1:9 file: Dave at Cure for Bedbugs had a brilliant idea: The first bubblegum pop band made up entirely of teen girls with juvenile diabetes! With tunes like "We Got the Sugar in Our Blood (Beaties Theme)," "Your Love Is Like Ketones," and "I'm Low," Dave thought, the Beaties couldn't fail!

Huckapoo, great as they are, are singing into the wind because hypocritical audiences have turned their backs. Their loss, sure, but it's the ARTISTS who suffer most. Anyone turning their backs on a group of superstar Type 1 diabetics would have to be such a despicable character as to merit greater public scorn than any confessional starlet could muster from even the lowliest tabloid or musical opinion-havin' idiot.

And then, just before he went public with his scheme, Dave did a quick Google search... and discovered The Pump Girls.

Damn. Is narcolepsy taken? That could be hot.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


How about a pop group made up of kids with progeria called Old School?

Or maybe a five-girl bubblegum band of Epstein-Barr patients called Take Five?

A speed-metal group of teenage polio victims called Iron Lung?

Or a sibling group, all of whom suffer from Tourette's, called . . . the Aristocrats!

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