January 2, 2007

Get your Boykin on

Remember our friend Boykin Curry, whose fauxhemian utopia in the Dominican Republic was written up in The New Yorker last March? Despite his hope that some of us would learn to love him after getting a chance to see Playa Grande for ourselves, he apparently forgot to invite us to his big New Year's bash.

Don't worry, though. The Playa Grande web site is now up and running, which means you can make a reservation for yourself. The resort isn't built yet, but feel free to sign up for a tee time at the golf course. Eventual activities to be added include "tennis, horse-riding, hiking trails, surfing, spas, SCUBA & shooting."

Ooh. I wonder if he'll let me shoot a hobo.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Follow this link to see what's going on right now at Playa Grande, Boykin's "creative utopia" and fine golf resort:


Sure looks like a "creative utopia" to me!!!!!

From Gawker: "Socialite Boykin Curry has found a suitably high-class developer for the holiday complex he and his arty friends have planned..."

Maybe it's just me, but I find it impossible to take seriously someone who's called a "socialite." Or who's married to someone named “Celerie.”

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