December 25, 2006

Some kind of wonderful

If you're reading this site on Christmas day, or soon after, it's probably for detoxification purposes. Escape From It's A Wonderful Life should do the trick. This re-dubbed version of the official ultimate Christmas movie was made in 1996 by the Upright Citizens Brigade. It was supposed to air on Comedy Central but a copyright dispute kept it locked in a vault until the Internets set it free — by which time nobody cared anymore. Too bad. Barring a Sinbad joke here and there, it holds up nearly as well as the original. The 45-minute edit chronicles George Bailey's frustration with appearing in the same movie over and over again for 50 years and his efforts to make a sci-fi adventure — or maybe a gangster film — instead.

Plus: Why Pottersville kicks Bedford Falls's ass and why the FBI thought the whole thing was a Commie plot [via Boing Boing].

Posted by Daniel Radosh


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