December 17, 2006

Chrysler might not be tearing up holiday bonuses as you read this

Last month, Chrysler announced that it was shelling out multiple millions of dollars to be the sole sponsor of Time magazine's Person of the Year issue. It spent part of that money on a high-profile custom flash ad for the 2007 Sebring sedan. This is the ad everyone who reads the story online must sit through first.

Until a few hours ago, the folks at Chrysler's ad agency, who of course would not know the content of the Time story until it appeared, must have been very happy with the clever campaign they'd devised: "You might not be Time Person of the Year. But you can drive like you are."


Then Time unveiled its person of the year.



Posted by Daniel Radosh


Pardon me while my son, my 50-foot girlfriend and I laugh 'til it hurts.

(But, seriously, can I now put "Person of the Year" on my resume?)

At last AOL Time-Life Warner Brothers and my mother agree on something!

Not really, she chose my brother.

"You control the Information Age."

Are we sure the POTY wasn't supposed to be "The Jews?" Last I heard, they were in charge of such things.

"Uhh, we meant to do that."

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