December 15, 2006

I am totally firing that hack Gopnik

From the depths of Wingnutistan comes a fusillade aimed squarely, and only six weeks late, at the "disgusting," "grotesque" and "anti-Semitic" stylings of Borat.

It's a typical rightwing rant — surprising only because the author, who writes and spells only marginally better than Your Entertainer, claims to be a former state senator and judge — until the end, when he marshalls an unlikely amicus curiae.

Even Daniel Radosh, the publisher of New Yorker Magazine who doesn't mind poking a stick into anyone's eye (as long as he or she is Republican), took offense at Mr. Cohen's vulgarity. "It turns out that almost nothing about Borat's Kazakhstan withstands scrutiny," loftily intones the penultimate liberal Radosh.

I know, I should be happy with this swift and unexpected promotion from freelance writer to publisher, but the Yertle in me wants more! Who do I have to kill to take his spot as the ultimate liberal?

[Hat tip: Emily]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Thanks, that was some fun reading. I'd like to direct you, however, to this gem:

Mr. Cohen (who claims to be Jewish himself, making this all OK)

You see? You see? If Michael Richards can be Jewish just because he says so after-the-fact, now all claims of Jewishness are suspect. I hope you're happy with your supposed Hanukah, Daniel, if that is your real name.

And the penultimate thing is a good howler, too. I think this error is like "bemused," where some people - including professional writers I happen to know - seem to believe that altering or adding a cool-sounding prefix on a word (in that case, "amused") simply intensifies it rather than, you know, changing it into another word.

Wow, what a load of "you can guess what."

Watch your back. If you're the penultimate liberal, that means there's an antepenultimate liberal out there, somewhere, looking to move up in the world.

Jim took my comment.

Congratulations! I love "New Yorker Magazine!" Glad to see Bruce Wasserstein is shaking things up.

I can't wait for the warmer weather when I might spend some time at...I don't know...maybe the bemusement park. Per se.

So why does your staff always pick the bad cartoon captions?

a bemusement park like 'The Coney Island', mayhaps?

I've always thought of you as the pluperfect liberal, myself.

It is a sad day indeed when such a distinguished conservative as Ron Radosh can be called a "liberal."

Gosh, what a disappointment to learn you're not the publisher. I thought that the publisher of The New Yorker writing an article on the Bible business was a touching act of humility.

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