December 15, 2006

Rough Beauty for the Holidays


This amazing image is one of 76 from a new book called Rough Beauty, a collection of photographs of Vidor, Texas taken by my friend Dave Anderson, who decided, in his 30s, to chuck his life as a media/political operative/entrepreneur and become a fine-art photographer. His risk has been rewarded with glowing reviews, most recently from The New Yorker, which calls his current exhibit, at Clamp Art, "as clear-eyed and unsentimental as it is soulful and sympathetic."

See more images from Rough Beauty here, here and here. The book makes a great gift for your arty friends. Buy it from Amazon for $26.40. Or splurge on the $750 deluxe edition.

Update: Dave discusses his project.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Wow. That's talent worth coveting.

Very nice. It's interesting to me to learn what artists did before they were artists. Matisse went to law school (as did Julian McMahon). Rousseau worked as a toll collector, and retired at 49 to become a full time painter.

Vidor is my home town. Your work comes no where close to the way this town truly is. How can you publish something that will hurt so many people for such a long time? Do you think anyone would want to move here after what you have done? And how about businesses? Will this town grow? You never gave any of this a thought. All you could see was the $$. Just like killing someone to make money. No difference in my mind.

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