December 14, 2006

Also, I'm almost positive his correspondent is Lindsay Lohan

In an post titled Whatever happened to Online Etiquette? David Pogue prints one of his typical e-mails: “Dear David, first off i would like to tell you that you are full of shit and did not research the zune enough to know your facts.... In my oppinion you should be fired for wrighting such a biast article in a (somewhat) professional newspaper.”

Pogue then goes on to say that it's "stunning is how hostile *ordinary* people are to each other online these days," and to offer his theories about why, including, "Many parents haven’t been teaching social skills (or haven’t been around to teach them) for years, but Web 2.0 is suddenly making it apparent for the first time. ('Web 2.0' describes sites like Digg and Slashdot, where the audience itself provides material for the Web site.)"

Um, douchetard, Slashdot has been around since 1997, but it's now supposed to be Web 2.0? You should be fired for that idiocy alone. Also, what the fuck is *this*? Learn to use the emphasis tag, twatwaffle.

[Hat tip: Gina]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Yeah, because Usenet was always so civil.

Also, what the fuck is *this*?

In his defense, as a newspaper-related blogger, maybe the blog is written so as to be excerpted for the print edition when desired, and so avoids HTML style formatting. Also, you failed to ream him for using asterisks instead of list-item tags. In fact, maybe the guy just likes asterisks, you know?

Can't he just be fired for his terrible writing? And/or his hideous puns?


Lies couched in bad writing, trends spotted five years after fading, reporters kissing corporate butt rather than communicating news -- the Times was always thus.

Using asterisks for emphasis is a throwback to Usenet days. It's also a Markdown (a simple markup language) syntax that creates ital or bold.

Pogue is old school! He is in ur internets emphasizin his harbl.

And so the Internet crawled inside itself and died, leaving Cory Doctorow and John Perry Barlow to compose on foolscap their epic collaboration "Stop Using My Eraser/It's Not Your Eraser, Man, It's the Consumer's."

Get with the times. In Web 2.0, we use "fucktard," not "twatwaffle."

twatwaffle is more evocative, and looks pretty to boot.

The internet here is obscene.

Fucktard and twatwaffle delight, but fuckwit, well, fuckwit exhilarates!

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