December 13, 2006

Update: Bob and Harvey want you to be their snitch bitch

ongbak3.jpgLast month, I wrote about the Weinstein Company's deal to give Blockbuster exclusive rental rights to its DVDs. Now Jason alerts me that non-Blockbuster rental outfits are suing.

Here's what I didn't realize the last time around. Apparently there's no legal way TWC can prevent Netflix, or anyone else, "from walking into Costco and buying the DVD and renting it," one of the Weinstein's partners acknowledges. "What we can do as a distributor is brand all Blockbuster DVDs with the Blockbuster logo, and all the DVDs that are out for sale will be clear to consumers as being for sale only. We’ll encourage people to call us if they did rent [a DVD that is labeled for sale]."

The lawsuit says such labeling is itself a violation of the law. But what gets me is the idea that we as consumers, having made the choice to rent from somewhere more convenient/less expensive/less generally odious than Blockbuster, would then turn ourselves in for failing to assist Bob and Harvey in their God-given mission to maximize their profits at our expense.

If that's the big plan, I certainly hope Netflix will tell TWC to fuck off. Having just rented Ong-Bak, I definitely don't want to miss The Protector. I'll take it as a good sign that Netflix already has a pre-release page up.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


"We’ll encourage people to call us if they did rent [a DVD that is labeled for sale]."

Actually, since they apparently can't do anything about it, calling them up every time I rent a for-sale-only-labeled DVD might be kind of fun.

"Hi. I rented another one. Just thought you'd want to know. Well, you're so welcome. Glad to help. Bye."

you don't want to see the protector, it really doesn't compare to Ong-Bak in anyway, it'll just be a let down, I promise. but wasn't Ong-Bak great? Tony Jaa!

Dear God, you do not want to see The Protector. Just watch something else, I'm deadly serious.

That much worse than Ong-Bak, huh? OK, so what else can I see Tony Jaa in?

yeah, I wish there was somewhere. I am almost wondering if Tarantino didn't re-edit the protector, I'd like to see the original (available under the name tom-yom-kai (or some other thai soup)). The worst aspects about the protector are the editing and pacing, much of which just don't make sense. also, they just don't spend the time on Jaa, not nearly as good camera work, or choreography. I wish there was somewhere else to see him, but for now, just watch Onk-Bak again (i did!)...

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