December 13, 2006

The least funny anti-caption contest yet!

Welcome to the third and penultimate entry in our series of embarrassingly hand-wringing posts about the state of the anti-caption contest.

When we last left off, a handful of you suggested that the contest was better when I just chose a winner and two finalists without giving you the opportunity to vote. Others said that they thought some of my near-finalists were funnier than the actual ones, and that they would like to see the field of finalists expanded to give recognition to everyone who had a worthy entry, not just an arbitrary three.

Since I really dont give a shit either way my only goal is to please my readers, I'm going to let you decide the future of the contest. Stick with the voting? Go back to the old way? Expand the field of finalists? Choose one of the four options below. Voting ends in one week, on December 20.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


"Christ, what an a$$h0l*." - your loyal readers

I think the fifth, sixth, and seventh options, which you did not include in the vote, are just as good as the four choices above, and we should have the opportunity to vote for them as well.

I also think this comment is predictable and therefore not really funny after all.

Never mind.

I demand an option to vote for Dennis Kucinich.

No, seriously, he has a chance.

>>"Christ, what an a$$h0l*." - your loyal readers

Those would be Gawker's loyal readers.

Go fuck yourself.

My god, humorists can be a demanding bunch of egocentric bastards. Just pick mine every week and your job is done.

This is just like trying to form a government in Iraq. Which is to say, we obviously all liked it better when our votes didn't mean shit.

If anyone complains, please have them killed.

How about just letting us vote for all the entries?

Christ, right now it's like voting for Cheney or Mccain.

My only complaint with the current format is one that isn't addressed in your choices: the non-winning nominees go down the memory hole after a winner is selected (i.e., when the voting is over, you just post the winner). They should be preserved.

Respectfully, we're not here to talk about the past.

I am happy to see an overwhelming mandate for option four. Not since voting for Al Gore have I been part of such a large majority. I always knew I was the *penultimate* cross section of the American public.

I say we should declare victory and go home.

If I ever win I want a crown ... and not those cheesy things you can get at Party City. No cruises on the "Princess Line" or the "Chicken of the Sea" outfit, either. People are dropping like flies on those cruise ships but maybe they deserve it since cruises are are really pretty sleazy to begin with.

so we've voted overwhelmingly for you to disregard our votes, except you neglect to close the polls. by shattering my faith in democracy, you have reaffirmed my faith in democracy.

this poll is getting more meta every day.

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