December 6, 2006

Alternately, it suggests a title for Thomas Friedman's next book

freecat.jpg For its first 600 words or so, Edward Limonov's column on Alexander Litvinenko for the Moscow alt-weekly Exile is your run-of-the-mill "English is my second-language and this is my third vodka" rant.

Alexander Litvinenko was executed. In demonstrating way. His executioners have chosen for him intentionally slow death. Was Litvinenko really traitor to his motherland? No.

It continues in that entertaining vein for sometime before dropping an analogy worthy of a Bond villain.

Lugovoi could not have ignored situation around Litvinenko. Heavy punishment could be imposed on a man friendly with Litvinenko. In Russia his business would be crushed as kitten under heavy truck.

You see, Maureen Dowd? This is colorful opinion writing.

[Hat tip: slutwench]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I think I saw Hat Tip Slutwench open for the Pogues once.

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