December 5, 2006

Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose?

"Success has a thousand fathers, and we'll see Ted Kennedy taking credit for Iraq before it's all over."

A brief history of warblogging.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Neo-Cons, I've noticed, tend to be the sort of people who think they alone have the historical awareness to take the long view. In the short term they will shrug off any attempt to demonstrate to them their own obvious failures because they assume history will vindicate them. But with the vast amount of written material they leave behind they manage just the opposite; they vindicate themselves (to themselves) now while leaving behind signed confessions for future irrelevance and ridicule. It's like they're salting their own fields so we don't have to. Wave to them as they go to hell in a dustbin of history. Even their children will change their names in shame, like Hawthorne, and thus their seed will be wiped from the earth like seed from a fraternity pledge after initiation.

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