December 3, 2006

Why isn't the liberal media writing about this?

This is what I call optimism.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


It's easier to be optimistic when you host all your Iraqi parties in the Netherlands. For one thing, everyone's stoned out of their gourd.

Much more optimistic is that dutchparties.com will now be hosting all its special events in Fallujah.

Oops, no hyperlinks. But:


So what would you like the so-called "liberal press" to write about, that Iraqi young people (at least those with any cash or credit) are fleeing the mess we made of their country to party with pretty girls in a safe place? Wouldn't YOU if sandal was on the other foot? Haven't you noticed that those we are supposedly fighting over there are GHETTO YOUTH, poor kids with no or little future anyway, living in giant slums where living conditions are barely basic? And we send OUR GHETTO YOUTH in to kill them over oil. Great war we've got there.

Apparently the media should also be covering Dallas's alarming irony shortage.

An irony shortage in Texas? Dog bites man.

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