November 30, 2006

Amazon has your gift-giving needs covered

B000A3BYE8.01-A3GIICPKM1TL3R._AA280_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg Balls in One Erector Brief

"Designed to fit a man's anatomy perfectly with a cool mesh pouch for your sack and a vertical, tubular compartment that holds your shaft in an erect position."

The best part? Note the title of the automatically placed "Listmania!" list at the bottom of the page: "Keep Kids Entertained"

I'll say!

[Hat tip: Gina]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Of course it's for kids...it's an Erector Set!

Oops....I see Amazon beat me there. Heh.

Genital enhancing clothing sure has come a long way.

I'm a little shocked that Gina would spoil your surprise.

Otherwise, I think I might really, really hate Milo.

Pre-erection man panties? This proves it once and for all: men are just plain lazy.

I think Britney needs a pair

Do they come in Extra Small?

Do they come in Extra Small?

Does it have tissue paper on top, to catch the sundry spills while, like watching pussy.org or some Paris Vid?
Ya know, kids don't have too much control on their fluids. For that matter, even grown ups dump stuf all over the face, when it was intended for a wee bit below the neck. These dicks, I tell you, need a lot of training.

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