November 20, 2006

And by having sex with men

med_keira-knightley-july2-1.jpg "We've already decided to get married in Italy. Tom Cruise is living my dream by marrying in a castle." —Keira Knightley

Related: Doesn't every couple invite the best man on their honeymoon? TomKat was accompanied on their (its?) honeymoon by Church of Scientology prexy David Miscavige.

Also related:

What really riled him, however, were Richardson’s questions about his relationship with David Miscavige. “This question is just off the wall,” Cruise bristled. “We are friends. And how is this relevant to anything? It’s offensive that I should even have to answer this question.” After describing the leader as “a good friend,” the star lamented that they rarely saw each other.

A year later Tabayoyon painted a more revealing portrait of Cruise and Miscavige’s relationship. His affidavit says the two spent a lot of time together on the Hemet base. “Often they would hang out alone in the space designated for L. Ron Hubbard on the clipper ship we built in the desert,” testified Tabayoyon. “This space had a small kitchen, a little dining room, a little bar, and a bed…. On other occasions Miscavige and Cruise would work out in the expensive gym we built for exclusive and restricted use.” The affidavit continues: “Obviously, Miscavige and Cruise have developed a special relationship.”

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I'd like to wash her windows.

This is the one case where she can tell the media they're "just Friends" and it won't even be a lie.

Elsewhere in pun news: "iPod, therefore I am... going to be killed by terrorists."

Wow...David Miscavage is kind of hot.

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