November 17, 2006

Why buy the cow?

I recently spent a weekend in a house with XM radio and nearly got hooked enough to consider paying the $12.95 a month. Then I get home and read in the Times that anyone can listen to dozens of XM stations for free on AOL Music.

Unfortunately my favorite station — Frank's Place — isn't one of them (though AOL offers a non-XM SinatraStyle channel). But Deep Tracks is. Deep what? Don't bother with it most of the time, unless you still like classic rock. But on Wednesday at 10 AM ET (with encores on Wednesdays at 12 AM, Fridays at 6 PM, and Sundays at 8 AM and 8 PM) Deep Tracks is the place to listen to Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour. That's right, XM is giving away its best programming for free, so you don't even need bootleg downloads or desperate workarounds. The new tech bubble is even better than the last one.

One caveat: The sound quality blows. 16kpbs? Are you kidding me?

[Via VSL]

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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