October 30, 2006

Ding-dong, the bells are gonna chime

tomkat-ufos.jpgThe Scientology wedding ceremony [via Jeannette Walls].

Rejoice!/ You line of struggling life/ From eons gone to now/ For here again/ your track is sped/ And winged into/ A future fate/ By this/ A union of a man/ and bride/ Whose child shall pace/ A further span/ Of Destiny/ And Life...

So now/ My (bride's name),/ Stand steady here/ And say/ Do you today intend/ For him beside you there/ To be to him a wife?...

And do you understand/ as well/ That by the customs/ of our race/ You pledge to him/ and only him/Your kiss and your caress?/ Do you?...

Now, (groom's name),/ girls need clothes/ And food and/ Tender happiness and frills/ A pan, a comb,
perhaps a cat/ All caprice if you will/ But still/ They need them./ Do you then/ Provide?/ Do you?

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Posted by Daniel Radosh


Oh, those capricious women, with their pans.

I'd forgotten what an improvement it is for some celebs to have their pupils erased. We used to do it all the time with 16 Magazine and Twiggy.

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