October 26, 2006

It's all the time in the big city

themetime.jpg The best thing to happen to radio in the last, oh, fifteen years or so, is Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour on XM. If you're not opposed to a little file sharing, you don't even have to subscribe to XM to hear it (sorry, but an hour a week is not worth $99 +$12.95 a month). Just about the only problem with Theme Time Radio Hour is waiting a whole week for the next one to air.

So to fill the gap, I created Un-themed Time Radio Hour on Pandora. The idea behind Pandora is that you tell it which artists and songs you like, and it adds other songs that fit that "music genome," and as previously discussed here, it works pretty well, if not perfectly. For the U-tTRH channel, I entered every artist Bob has played on his show so far. Or at least, every artist Pandora knows, which, given Bob's vast collection of obscure music is only about 75% of them.

For that reason among others, U-tTRH doesn't actually sound much like TTRH, a show that very much succeeds on its human touch (to maintain some integrity, where Bob chose a song by an artist with a wide range of styles, I entered just that song, instead of the artist's name). But it's still a great collection of Bob-approved (Bob-friendly? Bob-tolerant?) music that will give you a taste of the real thing if you've never heard it, or serve adequately as methadone if you're already at TTRH junkie.

This link should open a Pandora player with my shared station already embedded in it. If you're not registered at Pandora, you'll have to do that. It's free and worth it.

While you're there, I also recommend Cure for Bed Bugs' Teen Pop Mega Hyper Sugar Set, in case you get sick of all that old-timey authenticity.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Thanks for the link. What a great station! Rockabilly, early R&B - it doesn't get any better.

thanks soooo much.
this is great!

thanks daniel. this is now my new thing. only they haven't heard of my favorite canadian zydeco band -- what's that about?

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