October 24, 2006

If only I hadn't promised God that if he fixed this for me, I wouldn't write the blasphemous book after all

Gerald-Ford_POP.jpg Talk about your resurrections. I just got a call from Drive Savers in California telling me that all my data has been recovered.

I'm not cracking the Champagne until I actually have it in my hands tomorrow morning [Update: bust ot the Armand de Brignac — it's all there], but since you all have been incredibly supportive (is there an emoticon to indicate that you're not being sarcastic?), I wanted to post the good news here ASAP.

Best of all, I now have something in common with Gerald Ford, Milla Jovovich, Keith Richards and Sean Connery.

Hmmm. Think I can get Drive Savers to restore my drive from the future and send me the chapters I haven't written yet...?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


That's excellent news -- I'm very happy for you.

As the kids say, Huzzah! That web site of star recoverees is hilarious. Now you will know what to say when asked what Gerald Ford and Sara Jessica Parker have in common.

You're forgetting his guest appearance on a very special episode of Square Pegs.

Maybe it wasn't God who saved your data.
One more pact with the devil and your book may win a Pulitzer. Wishing you success.

Good news!

The emoticon you are looking for is a period or a comma depending on where in the sentence you are not being sarcastic.

Great, great news.

One day perhaps they will post an autographed photo from me inscribed, "Thank you Drive Savers for recovering all my pictures of Milla Jovovich! (And oddly, Gerald Ford.)"

That's great! So, what are the spirtual followers of Drive Savers called? Drivesaverians? I assume you now are one, whatever they're called.

That is some seriously wonderful news. Congratulations!

Great. Just great.

No, seriously - insert that no-sarcasm thingie there.

Having recently had to spend three days recovering data from a dying hard drive, including freezing it, I'm truly happy for you. Onward and upward.

I wasn't one of those supportive people, at least outwardly, because the whole thing seemed too painful for me to even comment on. (c.f.: the people who will stand over you as you clutch your broken leg, saying helpful sympathetic things like "Looks broken. Must hurt, eh?") Also, I was optimistic and didn't want to jinx anything by saying so. More often than people realize, the problem's caused by an interior electronic or mechanical failure in the read/write mechanism, rather than any damage to the media or corruption of the data on the disks themselves (though unfortunately, sometimes the former also causes the latter).

In other words of verbose redundant verbosity, that's great news. I'm happy for you.

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** removing sarcasm
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** this post is free of known sarcasm as of 10/25/06 05:45

Saved? Your notes, etc. for Rapture Ready were Saved? Sounds like marketing bullshit to me.

Glad to hear of it anyway - unless you are one of the Saved that can't stop talking about it.

That's great news. One piece of advice, though: go through the recovered data carefully to make sure it hasn't been subtly changed by the wonder-working power of the LORD. I'm just saying.


Gosh, not to mention, Depeche Mode, The Great Gonzo, and Donny Osmond!

I can't believe I missed Depeche Mode. The "own personal Jesus" joke would've written itself.

Wow, that's excellent. Mazel tov. The most I've lost to computer failure was a 3,000-word piece I had written but not yet filed, and I damn near went into mourning over it. I felt your pain there.

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