October 17, 2006

The New Yorker Anti-Cartoon Caption Contest?

Matt Diffee launches it as part of his virtual book tour.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


"I do plan to have the anti-caption contest up and running next week in a new improved format"

"You have three places to be creative. You can come up with text to appear in the sign on the left, the banner on the right, and the caption below (hint: the spoon is talking.) You can also submit it without a caption if you like, but you must put something in the sign and the banner"

Wow, it's like you guys are trying to jump a shark while holding your cousin Oliver under one arm and Ted McGinley under the other.

KISS, kids. It's a picture and a caption.

This obviously calls for an anti-cartoon anti-caption contest.

Sign: "I'm an Angry Muslim Guy!"

Banner: "Huge Foot Symbolizing Something"

Caption: "I know that grin-- you slipped me acid again! Damn, I feel like silverware."

Oh, all right. Anything to get rid of the D.T.'s from Daniel's forcible cold turkey regimen on the real anti-caption contest.

Sign: Osama Says: Vote for BUSH!
Fork: Stick me in BUSH!
Uncle Sam: Just do something or Bush's giant foot will crush me!

Sign: Happy Holidays!

Banner: MACY's

Spoon: "This is weird. I don't get it."

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