September 27, 2006

This is a fraking public service announcement


So here's the crisis: The third season of Battlestar Galactica begins next Friday, October 6, on the SciFi Channel. Like many folks, I got addicted to BSG on DVD and high definition reruns on Universal HD (which will be showing the "story so far" recap at least one more time on Saturday, if you need a refresher). A couple of times I looked at the reruns on SciFi, and I was appalled at how crappy they looked: small, blurry... low def. It's simply one of those shows that's just better -- much better -- in high(er) definition.

Posing as a journalist (no comments from the peanut gallery), I sent an e-mail to the publicity office for NBC Univeral and learned that BSG Season 3 will be coming to Universal HD on January 7. I'm dying to see what life (and war) on New Caprica holds, but I just know I'll enjoy it more if I can only hold out three months. Fortunately, I don't work with any geeks who will want to talk about each episode on Monday morning, so spoilers shouldn't be a problem, just waiting. What about you? Can you wait?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I watch most of my TV on DVD, now. The good thing about spoilers is that, by the time the show comes out on disc, you've inevitably forgotten them. Even if you haven't, they still tend to take you by surprise as you're blowing through a 22-hour marathon.

BSG 2.5 currently has a "Very Long Wait" on Netflix. I'm guessing everyone who wants to see it (and doesn't feel like buying it) is not going to be ready for an October 6th premiere. Bad timing on their part.

oh, just watch the damn thing in normal def. yeah, it sucks, but at least it's not a fraking ipod.

of course i personally won't watch any of it until they release it on vinyl.

I don't need any more detail on Olmos's face than I've got now.

No I can't fracking wait. I'm completely geeked up. Every other TV show seems tepid, pointless and predictable. I'm erecting a shrine to Ron Moore in my living room.

You'll be thrilled to know that "frak" has made it into the Veronica Mars vernacular. It's used in the season premiere (and is properly attributed, of course).

I liked it better back when everyone in the future swore in Mandarin


Being a treacherous furriner I watch BSG via download.

It's carried by Murdoch's Sky Satellite TV here but I'm not let my soul be consumed by the demonic Rupert just for the sake of a single show. And besides even at that I don't think Sky starts running it until Sci-Fi are at least half-way through their run.

And yes, Ronald D. Moore is now up there with Rod Serling and Troy Kennedy Martin in my book.

As for the High Def question. Well, I guess I'll just be purchasing the complete series 5 years from now on what format wins the HD shiny disc wars.

Besides, it's a show which stands up well to repeat viewings. This has all happened before and it will all happen again....

Hey, Daniel -- I have the first five hours of the new season on DVD. Send me a note if you want to borrow.

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