September 4, 2006

Let's start with one or two Latin terms

That's the problem with gossip rags today. Too goddam highbrow.


Posted by Daniel Radosh


But the link is almost as good:

Objekt nenalezen! Požadované URL nebylo na tomto serveru nalezeno. Zdá se, že odkaz na odkazující stránce je chybný nebo zastaralý. Informujte, prosím, autora této stránky o chybě.

Bravo, Mr. Radosh, for using one of my favourite lines from one of my favourite plays for your headline. Very clever.

Theophylact: That's a Czech translation of a standard 404 error message. I guess Star Magazine is going for an international audience.

Actually, I had mistaken it for Polish (yes, I knew it was a 404). But it's not much more informative to most of us than a bit of lorem ipsum greeking.

Well, if you scrolled down that page, you'd get the same message in Polish, along with English, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, etc. I was actually kind of impressed to see so many languages besides English accommodated, really.

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