August 18, 2006

Blog of Shadows

1400078261.01._AA240_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg You remember Cast of Shadows, right? (Now available in convenient paperback form.) Well, recently Kevin Guilfoile made the transition from two-bit bestselling novelist to big-time blogger. You can find him at The Outfit, a group effort of seven Chicago crime-writers, including at least one you've heard of. There's fine stuff about the art and business of writing over there, but in a recent promising development, Kevin branched out with an eloquent post about a woman who was arrested and tortured (OK, made to watch Gigli) for having her maiden name on her Social Security card and her married name on her driver's license. Apparently this is something the terrorists do. Damn evil-doers!

Please encourage Kevin to continue blogging about bloggy stuff, as opposed to merely literary stuff, because he seems to be good at it, and because it might stall him from writing any more books, and let's face it, the world has plenty of books already.

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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