August 4, 2006

Who killed the electric car? The fucking Jews.

melev1.jpg Of course he's a supporter. It's hard to get pulled over for speeding when you can't go faster than 52 miles per hour.

Memo to Sony Pictures Classics marketing department: time for a new ad.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Mel Goebbels (er, Gibson) totally disgraced himself just in time to be the flavor of the week when "Who Killed the Electric Car?" opened in central Florida.
See the film anyway: he doesn't froth too much during his appearance to promote zero-emission cars.

A chinese made electric 3 wheeled electric vehicle is available from 'zap world" called the xebra 40 m.p.h.,40 claimed range,seats 4 people[max 500 pounds]. The dealer in Destin,FLA. had 4 for sale,about a month ago,and nobody's looked at the $10,000 three wheeler.

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