August 1, 2006

Mel Gibson's worst nightmare

2006_07_hasidiccop.jpg From the July 10 New York Post. Pic and follow-up via Gothamist.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Now Jews are responsible for another war: the war on crime. Sorry about that: it's the liquor/manic depression/being raised by a hyperreligious lunatic talking. My life is intercoursed.

Jeez......First of all let me say that it was not right for him to drink and drive.
He has way too much money and could have gotten a cab to take him home....hell, he's at limo status, right? You would think.

I've always heard sayings like:
"Drunks don't lie"
"A drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts!"

I don't think he's stupid enough to stand up and say "hey, hello....I was just drunk that night, that's all."
Or "the devil made me do it".

Now, about judging him....it's not my job to do that here on earth.

The thing about the jews.......uuhhhhmm....I have to agree with Mel. Not as far as being racist with it.
It was the jews that had Jesus crucified. Noone here is mad at him anymore than we are at the Germans or Iraqi's or Japanese folks.
....but, it's true. Go read any of the four gospels in the new testament {The Holy Bible} and see for yourself.

If it would've been me they pulled over I would've never msde it in the news on yahoo.
Saying things like that when you're drunk doesn't always mean that you meant it.
Alcohol is a depressant.

{True story: about 3 weeks ago I got drunk. My husband doesn't drink and he's my designated driver. I wasn't trying to get drunk but, it happens. I have recently gotten married and he bought us a house and he moved out of his apartment and I moved out of my trailer I had rented for 6 yrs. alone, with my 3 kids.
Well, my husband said on our way home that night that I started crying and saying I wanted my trailer back and blah, blah, blah!}
At this point I am thinking that is freakin' crazy because I love our new house!

I have this friend in the past that could drink beer or he could drink shots. But if he ever drank both he became controlling and had a spark of "g'head, make my day" attitude.
So, for Mel I would advise him to not stop drinking....stick with beer and never drive when drinking before during or afterwards!

Best thing anyone can do right now is pray for Mel....pray and ask God to grant him self control.

Thanks for listening,


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