June 29, 2006

Back in the 90s I used to get Andrew Shue all the time

Recently, some of my fun-lovin' co-workers at The Week put together a page of photos showing which celebrities would play the staff in a hypothetical movie version. I got stuck with David Hyde Pierce. Pretty much everyone admitted this was the worst match of the bunch (whereas one editor was captured perfectly by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad), but nobody could come up with a better option.

But now, thanks to the Internets, there's face recognition software to match any picture to a celebrity database. Here's the photo I uploaded...

And here's my celebrity doppleganger...

I suppose I could live with that, but I think he's already claimed by one of the other Jews on the staff. So I clicked through to see this miraculous software's second choice...


Oh, swell. I kept clicking, and things only got worse...
dlras.jpg ...dlrck.jpg

Clearly I needed to start with a different headshot...

At least the results were different, if not necessarily better...

Fortunately, a few more clicks this time got me the perfect result...

Oh, no, wait. This is the perfect result...

But I have a life outside of the office, so I decided to cast my family in the film too. My beautiful wife Gina...


OK, while we did just watch and enjoy 2046, I find it hard to see a resemblance beyond the fact that they're both wearing glasses. Click...

That might be flattering in 20 years, but let's try to look past the glasses, OK?

Jackpot! And while we're on a role, what about our lovely children...

I give up.

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Posted by Daniel Radosh


Well hey, I'd take Biggs over Oscar Wilde. Unfortunately, MyHeritage disagrees.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend became Condi Rice. She was none too pleased.

Evidently, I am Jason Alexander, and my boyfriend is Vin Diesel. Which sounds like the setup for a fascinating romantic comedy that will never in a million years get made.

I can't help but wonder what MyHeritage was thinking. I mean, sure, they got a lot of buzz off the "see-what-celebrity-you-look-like" thing. But anyone who's been to the site is bound to come away thinking, "That's the dumbest piece of software I've ever seen." It's a case of the product un-selling itself.

Oh yeah! You DID get Andrew Shue all the time. flashback

Stan Getz. Alban Berg. Ed Harris. But I'm leaving out the closest matches: Rene Russo and Matthew Perry (the actor, not the admiral), in that order.

Wait second, Daniel, shouldn't _I_ be David Hyde Pierce:


Man, that's funny! The first pic, I got Gene Kelly then Eva Longoria (sweet!). Next one I got Amy Lee and then Drew Barrymore (more sweet!). Won't even go into the others...fun but stupid considering most of it is the angle of the shot or as you noted, the glasses.

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