June 26, 2006

This week, in a magazine...

Even as CNN.com swallows its pride and gives idea-credit to a blog comment (more credit, it turns out, than the authoress of that comment gave her source), New York magazine steadfastly resists the idea that the MSM owes anything to the citizen'smediaarmyofbranchdavidians.

mnc.jpg taming.jpg This week's Approval Matrix includes the following item (positioned on just the right side of the despicable/brilliant divide): "A Website reviews 'bardcore' porn films based on Shakespeare plots. To wit: A Midsummer Night's Cream."

A Website? A Website?! It has a name, you know. And feelings.

Of course, this doesn't even begin to address the facts that my bardcore reviews were first published in a magazine; that the idea was stolen from another magazine; that it originated with a college professor; and that this all happened four years ago. Zeitgeist is such a amorphous thing.

I've been making note of more bardcore films released since then with an eye toward writing a follow-up, but only if I can find someone willing to pay me to watch porn again. You'd be surprised how quickly it gets old when you have to take notes.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Hm, Titus Andronicus could pretty much be used verbatim, couldn't it?

If CNN is reading this, I just wanted to point out that those DVD covers gave me a boner. Actually, even if CNN isn't reading this.

Also, is "The Two Genitals of Verona" any good?

The real crime, here, is that Infected: Radioactive Sluts from Hell continues to elude recognition for its formally (and aerobically) complex examination of Cymbeline.

Wow, really? It's so hard to believe that sleazy cnn.com would do anything to craft a minimally entertaining story- and that sleazy Lindsay Robertson would do anything to get attention! Thank god you're keeping an eye out, because it's not like Lindsay R.'s gone to any idiot means to get attention before.

Posting a comment on an obscure blog is "doing anything to get attention"? As the bard said, ambition should be made of sterner stuff -- like my cock!

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