June 22, 2006

What's an eight-letter word for awesome?

To all the playa haters who said they'd never make it, brace yourself for Huckapoo's long-awaited big screen debut — in Wordplay, the new documentary about crossword puzzlers opening tomorrow nationwide.

I talked via IM with one of the film's stars — musician and puzzler Jon Delfin — about sharing screentime with Huckapoo.

Radosh: Hey Jon. I want to interview you about your appearance in Wordplay and the cameo of sorts by Huckapoo.


Radosh: Do you even know what I'm talking about?

Delfin: I do check your blog a couple of times a week. Huckapoo is the teen girl group?

Radosh: The teen girl group with a capital T

Radosh: For The, I mean, not teen

Radosh: But do you know the Wordplay connection?

Delfin: Fill me in.

Radosh: Honestly I haven't seen the movie yet

Delfin: I have, but I haven't committed it to memory.

Radosh: Francis says that in the scene where you're going in for a piano audition, there's a whiteboard in the background that lists who's in what room

Radosh: And apparently Huckapoo is on it

Radosh: So you were totally in the same building as them

Delfin: So it would seem. Granted, this was filmed in March 2005, so I can't even be certain that I was there.

Radosh: So I guess you didn't notice their name at the time -- though of course as a radosh.net reader, you would have recognized it.

Delfin: A few ifs. If I'd actually looked closely at the callboard. If I was reading your blog then. If I'd made the connection. Can't really say.

Radosh: You could make something up.

Delfin: I'll have to If you're able to get out tomorrow or Saturday, we're doing Q&As after the 7:45 and 8:45 screenings at IFC Center. I'll take note of that scene, but I can't promise anything will come of it.

Radosh: Well, as a word fan, any thoughts on the name Huckapoo?

Delfin: The first time I read it, I checked the bottom of my shoe.

Radosh: You don't need to be a professional puzzler to go there

Delfin: It really does sound like a euphemism, doesn't it? Perhaps of a kind, I got a call yesterday to play auditions next month for something called "Doodlebops." I guess deelybops is trademarked.

Radosh: Do you do anagrams, or should I ask Francis for that one?

Delfin: Anagram of Huckapoo?

Radosh: Humor me

Delfin: Not sure where you're going.

Radosh: For an anagram of Huckapoo. But even I've lost interest now.

Delfin: You're looking for something lascivious?

Radosh: Always. But moving on, I think we should start a Rocky Horror-type tradition with Wordplay. When you see the name in the background, applaud wildly.

Delfin: I promise to make some sort of sound tomorrow, though it may fall short of wild applause.

Radosh: Good enough! Thanks for your time and patience

Delfin: You're welcome. Have Francis work on HUCKAPOO THE TEEN GIRL GROUP. Seems more promising.

Confidential to E.B.: When I do it, it's ironic.

Update: According to this Twiggy Stardom LiveJournal — which is, as the saying goes, fake but accurate — Huckapoo's actual screen debut will be in the forthcoming Doubting Thomas. Assuming the scene doesn't get cut — and why would it? — they will sing Macho Man. Really.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


All right, D.R., I'll let it go this time. At least you correctly counted to eight, which puts you leagues beyond other headline writers.

Jon, my wife is envious of you. Imagine, living blissfully in a world where you as yet unaware of the Doodlebops! She hates them. Hates hates hates them. Feel free to pass that on to the producers if you wish.

I dunno. The purple chick is kinda hot.

"A rough truth - I peek/ogle on PC."

Wow, that's freaky.

And don't believe Jon when he says he doesn't have the film committed to memory.

That group should do a song called "oo, phucka!"

Please note that my anagram is at least two degrees more impressive than "Jeremy's Iron."

OK! A pouch.

Cheap erupting tough looker.

Daniel Radosh:
A Rhode island

Saw this on Friday completely by chance - thoroughly enjoyed the film. One of the featured puzzle solvers, Al Sanders, did a nice Q&A session afterwards. As for the Huckapoo reference, I completely missed it. I may have to see it again.

wait...what are you trying out for on the doodlebops? please e-mail me.

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