June 20, 2006

A Democrat who gets it

During the last couple of weeks of Iraq debate, I've been frustrated — what else is new — by tone-deaf (never mind policy-deficient) Democrats. As the LA Times's Ronald Brownstein puts it, "The political fallout from this escalating confrontation in November's midterm election may pivot on which three words voters find more troubling: 'cut and run' or 'stay the course.'"

In other words, while the GOP has come up with a harsh phrase to spin the Dems's position, the Dems are content, in describing the GOP position, to use the phrase the Republicans themselves prefer, in the hopes that people will know that the policy behind it is not working, and so will come to attach negative connotations to the phrase.

Rep Lloyd Doggett ain't buying it, and he offers a new phrase to define the Republican policy that packs even more of a wallop than "cut and run": "Spend and bleed."

Get that into headlines and TV shoutfests and the momentum shifts back, guaranteed.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Ouch--that hurts.


Flay the curs.

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