June 14, 2006

Richard Motherfuckin' Scarry's Best Motherfuckin' Storybook Ever


Is a classic children's book the secret inspiration for Snakes on a Plane? The evidence (p. 78) says, Yesssssss!

Update: I am so behind the motherfuckin' curve

Posted by Daniel Radosh


That first link doesn't work.

Man, I hope the snakes in that movie wear little cowboy hats.

You've always been ahead of the curve!

I bet all kinds of movies can be made from this book.

Remember that scene in Cold Creek Manor where Sharon Stone gets chased around the manor by snakes? One slithers by, which is scary right, and then all of a sudden they're all popping out of the walls, chasing her upward through the house and onto the roof. It was hilarious. And also kind of sad because I don't think we were supposed to be laughing (and, oddly enough, no one else in the theater, other than me and my partner, were laughing -- although I'm pretty sure our laughter eventually infected a few others). I'm hoping Snakes on a Plane will be like two hours of that scene.

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