May 31, 2006

First they came for the Internets

I got a call this morning from some telecom lobbying group urging me to support legislation to "protect the Internet from government interference."

Nice try, I replied, but I support Net Neutrality. I explained that as a small-time blogger, I don't want an Internets that stacks the deck in favor of big corporations. So then he asked for the name of my blog, and said he'd check it out after work and post a personal comment about this. Do ya think he's coming here to say that he's just a college kid making minimum wage to work the phone bank and that really he agrees with me? 'Cause if not, he is way to dedicated to his cause. I mean, if everybody waited till after their work day to go posting online, the whole blogosphere would shut down. And this is work related! Don't be afraid to get paid, my friend. Either way, I wrote this post just for you to have somewhere to comment, so don't let me down.

But drop the government interference angle. What else is the history of the Internet if not government interference?

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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