May 5, 2006

What was I thinking, letting you post your own captions for free?

Everyone here knows that your New Yorker cartoon anti-captions are always funnier than the real ones. Now The New Yorker is tacitly acknowledging this too — and they've found a way to make a buck or 50 off it. Frequent anti-caption finalist J alerts us to a new (I think) feature at The New Yorker web site called Caption It! Cartoons, which allows you to order prints of New Yorker contest cartoons with your rejected captions.

Well, not your rejection captions, seeing as how the fine print says, "we reserve the right not to print your caption or fulfill your order if we deem the language to be of a graphic or offensive nature." Oh, like we're the ones who put the skinny chick in bed with the snow globe!

By the way, the introduction to this feature begins, "We admit it, humor is very subjective." Sounds like the excuse of someone who never asked by his elementary school teacher to "say something funny".

Posted by Daniel Radosh

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