May 4, 2006

Could George Lucas be a bigger dick?

I've always suspected that, despite his protests, George Lucas would one day release the unaltered Star Wars trilogy on DVD, simply because he's a money-hungry cow. He's so greedy, I thought, that he'll wait till we've all caved in and bought the tarted up perversions, then get us to spend more money on the ones we wanted in the first place.

How foolish I was to underestimate the power of the Dark Side! Instead of merely releasing the original trilogy, he's packaging both versions together — which means if we already own the re-releases, we'll have to buy them a second time to get the ones we don't own. Oh, and he's making it a limited release to cut down on the possibility of saving a few bucks on a used copy.

I'm waiting for the next version, where Han Solo shoots George Lucas.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


He did that in the original. Lucas was in disguise, but the name "Greedo" was hardly a subtle hint, now was it?

what a dick, there is no way in hell I will buy these! as much as a bummer as the "remastered" dvd's are, I have the original laser disks and VHS tapes, and fuck, honestly they are not that different! I'm sure they'd just seem worse all these years latter. I'd rather spend my money on the boxset of STARBLAZERS!!!

Fuck Lord Lucas!

And he's doing it right at the beginning of a format change, so we can buy the HD-DVD versions in the 2007 holiday season.

Did you see that Lucas is actually hawking a T-shirt "commemorating" the release of the un-perverted films? The shirts say "Han Shot First." It really is about big, dumptruck-filled piles of money for this man.

gosh, you know, I've been thinking about it, and damn-it, i do want that first one! Of course, and I'm guessing here, but he's probably only going to sell the trilogy as a box set (for what, like $70?) The changes to episode IV (previously known as "star wars") we're certainly the most egregious. It's not for me, but for my wife, who doesn't understand this obsession (being "de Mexico") and has managed to fall asleep in the theater during each of the new ones (no mean feat!).

anyway, my plan: shoplift the new disks, take a blowtorch to the "remixed" ones, and send the slag heap to Lucasfilm limited. it's the only ethically responsible solution I can think of.

You people really need to get a life. Why don't you go out and create someting you can make "dumptrucks full of money" from, then see how you feel when someone criticizes you for cashing in.

lisa, dude, don't you see he's raping our childhood?

when you inspire and transfix a whole generation you have a small responsibility to at least try not to turn into a douche-bag.

Get. A. F#%&ing. Life.

Seriously people.

Buy what you want and skip the rest, but quit your bloody whining. Jeezuz, boys, shake your heads!

I'll take "Items That You Didn't Need to Purchase Once Let Alone Twice" for $1000 Alex..

Don't you see, George Lucas, has been lured to the Dark Side.

Lisa, et al: How's that glass house working out for you? Somehow I don't think anyone who gets so worked up about what I write on my dumb-ass blog is in any position to tell anyone else to get a life.

Don't forget that in a couple of years, we'll all be paying $10 a pop to see the original Star Wars trilogy... in 3D! Make money money, make money money monayyyy.

You guys have a loooong way to go before you can even touch the yowling of Star Trek fans who bought the 2 episode DVDs only to have Paramount issue them (much more cheaply) by season a few years later.

Now THAT was some funny stuff.

> he's probably only going to sell the >trilogy as a box set (for what, like $70?)

The plan is to sell each "episode" separtely as a paired set (original and re-release) for $30.

According to this:

Star Wars has been released and rereleased so many times in so many different formats and versions that a StarWars.com history of the franchise on home video runs more than 3,000 words, beginning with the 1977 release of clips from the original movie on Super 8 film, and ending in 2002, before the special editions of Star Wars, Empire and Jedi were issued in a four-DVD box set in 2004, and then issued again in a three-DVD box set in 2005.

To date, the complete, theatrical version of Star Wars has been available in box sets, in non-box sets, on fullscreen VHS, on widescreen VHS, on THX-mastered VHS, on Beta, on a couple of early laser disc formats, and on the more traditional laser disc format (where it was issued first in fullscreen, natch, and later in widescreen, natch).

And if you're wondering how he gets away with it, thank people like Philip Wise, who's quoted saying, "'You've been taking our money for 30 years, so why not take it again, because this time we want you to take it,'"

what's with all the player haters? Has Lucas deployed evil drones across the net to protect his cherished image? Can't Lisa understand we relish our lack of life-hood, that we bond over nursing our pathetic resentments?


well, it'll be easier for me to shoplift a single volume, so that's good at least...

>the yowling of Star Trek fans who bought the 2 episode DVDs only to have Paramount issue them (much more cheaply) by season a few years later.

Much more cheaply, being $110 per season, making is still one of the most expensive season's of TV available on DVD.

Oh yeah, and Luca$ is the Sith lord of Greed.

"Much more cheaply, being $110 per season, making is still one of the most expensive season's of TV available on DVD."

- you could do quite a bit better than $110 if you looked around or pre-ordered.

- even assuming $110, if you bought the individual dvds at $15 per, you'd be on the hook for about $525, or a couple hundred bucks more. Ow.

Luca is too much of a schmuck to have been trused with 'star wars' (invention claims aside). He's a hack, and the great evil in the universe (vader) turns out to be a whiney little bitch.

I knew Lucas was about nothing more than money when I bought episode 3 and in the package was a "star wars commemorative coin" with a big MADE IN CHINA sticker on it. I guess to save a few bucks, instead of letting a few Americans make the coin, he has it mass produced in China so he can fatten his wallet more. Same story with using animation studios in Singapore. FOR THAT ALONE I AM BOYCOTTING ALL OF HIS PRODUCTS. Americans supported his work and made him rich, and in return he outsources his work to maximize profits. WHAT A TRAITOR!

Lucas lives in his mom's basement and licks his own pee-pee.

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