May 3, 2006

Same difference

From a recent e-mail to Oberlin College alumni (classes of '90-'92):

First and foremost, a serious error was found in the "Tribute for Deceased Classmates" letter that was enclosed with the class letters. We have learned that our alumni database incorrectly listed Nnenna Ogwo '92 as deceased... Nnenna has a music career in New York, NY.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Hey, at least you *get* the stupid alumni email. I can't get those people to give me the time of day. Should I give them some money?

I didn't want to spoil the joke in the post itself, but to be fair I should note that the e-mail characterizes Ogowo's career as "successful," and her web site seems to bear that out.

I didn't know you were an obie, radosh. Hmm.

HAHAHAHA...that's amazing. Just amazing.

I hope that the same mistake is made about me when I graduate college. Then I can attend my own funeral and sing at it, even!

what a bunch of tools!

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