April 24, 2006

Somebody send them an Angel

ANGEL-SPARKS-1.jpg As reported here last week founding Huckapoodle Brittney "Angel Sparks" Segal has left the band to spend more time in a reality-based world where she is not, in fact, Hannah Montana. Now a reader alerts us that the funeral baked meats are coldly furnishing forth the casting table, as Huckapoo's corporate overlords have begun running ads for a replacement.

TEEN GIRL POP GROUP Entertainment Properties, LLC is seeking talent for an established teen girl pop group with record deal. Matt Widman, casting dept. Seeking—Singer: girl, 13-18, any ethnicity, must excel at singing, dancing, and acting. Note: Applicants outside NY area must be able to relocate to NY. Auditions will be held in NYC & L.A. Send pix & résumés to Entertainment Properties, LLC, 45 Rockefeller Plaza, 20th fl., NYC 10111; or email to casting@eProps.com

Will the new girl actually take over the role of Angel, or will she get a whole new character, like when Eric Carr replaced Peter Criss and the cat was scrapped for the fox? It's hard to imagine a 13-year-old in Angel's biker get-up (not that I've tried). But how great would it be if they actually did find a girl of "any ethnicity"? A little color might be just what Huckapoo needs right now. Also, a decent singer. Unless they're gonna let Groovy have a go at something other than ballads, none of the remaining girls are going to be able to step into Brittney's motorcycle boots. Alternately — and how devious would this be? — they could cast someone utterly untalented but a total hottie, send her out with the band for the fashion shoots and videos, and release the album with Brit's already perfect vocals intact. What's the worst that could happen?

Better yet: The Huckateers are seeking another unknown girl for the role, but why not poach a star who's already on the Radio Disney hit list and turn Huckapoo into the first tween supergroup? The buzz will guarantee that that CD finally gets released, which is what it's all about, right? Well, that and the crypto-ephebophilia.

Update: C4B's Dave weighs in on the first Huckapoo cast change (scroll to #4), when Lindsay Nyman replaced the original Joey Thunders (if anyone knows her name, drop a line!). Original Joey recorded only one song with the band, Perfectly, and Dave rightly pronounces it far superior to the later recording with Britttttney Segal on lead vocals (though I question his understanding of "IP rights"). He also has a link to songwriter (and now Michelle Branch collaborator) Jessica Harp's original recording, mentioned here way back when.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


"or will she get a whole new character, like when Eric Carr replaced Peter Criss and the cat was scrapped for the fox?"

I don't know what it says about me that I totally got this reference. Since it's a monday, I'm gonna take it as a positive sign.

Silversnack? Sounds awesome.

"though I question his understanding of 'IP rights'"

The bit about Lukow and IP rights was merely to suggest that maybe he should have focused more of his energies on fostering a relationship with the best singer the group ever had (whoever she was). I get the sense that Lukow may not be the best...fosterer. (It must just kill him to think about Jesse McCartney...)

"I get the sense that Lukow may not be the best...fosterer. (It must just kill him to think about Jesse McCartney...)"

I've gotten that sense for quite some time. Oh, and since when do they have a record deal? I thought they were doing it all independently. Unless they really aren't with Brian anymore...maybe that means they won't be called Huckapoo anymore...??

Oh, and I turn 19 on May 31, do you think they'll let me be the new Angel Sparks? And if they ditch the character, could I maybe be, I dunno, the drama nerd? With a name like Lila Tiffany or something?

>since when do they have a record deal?

OMG, you're right! How did I miss that? I'll look into it.

Their MySpace lists their label type as "Indie;" so I guess they technically do a have a record "deal," so to speak, just not with a major label? Then again, MySpace still posts Brittney Segal pictures, so IIIII dunno...

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