April 17, 2006

Breaking news: Angel flies the Huckacoop?


WE HEAR (as Page Six says when nothing can be confirmed) that Angel Sparks has quit Huckapoo to concentrate on her studies. While it's probably wise for a young girl to put education over fast-receding dreams of stardom, this does leave the band without its most talented member, and would probably require re-recording the entire debut album if it's ever going to come out. Plus, re-choreographing all those dances for four? Nightmare!

Our sources are second hand, but the photo above lends credence to the story. That's the promo shot for the group's appearance at Palm Beach's Sunfest next month. In the original image, Angel pouts attractively in between Groovy and PimpJ. Now? Down the memory hole.

Update: It's confirmed — Angel is out. Or rather, Brittney Segal is out. Whether Angel will be recast is another question.

But it gets worse. We're also hearing buzz that the entire band may be teetering on the precipice. Can't say more right now, but stay tuned to this blog for all your Huckaneeds. Courage.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Whoa, that's weird!! I wasn't sure if they were even making appearances without Angel, but damn...looking at that picture without Angel is like...well, the feeling I got when I visited my old elementary school and saw the playground in the process of being torn down.

It's official:

TEEN GIRL POP GROUP Entertainment Properties, LLC is seeking talent for an established teen girl pop group with record deal. Matt Widman, casting dept. Seeking—Singer: girl, 13-18, any ethnicity, must excel at singing, dancing, and acting. Note: Applicants outside NY area must be able to relocate to NY. Auditions will be held in NYC & L.A. Send pix & résumés to Entertainment Properties, LLC, 45 Rockefeller Plaza, 20th fl., NYC 10111; or email to casting@eProps.com ...[more]

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