April 14, 2006

You know who seems like a decent guy? That Boykin Curry.

A month ago I commented somewhat harshly (I believe the word "douchebag" was used) about a Mr. Boykin Curry, the subject of a New Yorker profile. How, I wondered, could a savvy writer like Ben McGrath be charmed by someone like Curry (if in fact he was)?

The obvious answer may have been staring us in the face the whole time: Boykin Curry is a charming guy! How do I know? Because he's just written a reply to my post, and unlike some folks who respond to bloggy criticism with threats and foot-stomping, Curry politely offers a couple of corrections and clarifications, leavened with self-deprecation. In my book, that counts as charming! Plus, he even invites "some" of us to come down and see Playa Grande for ourselves. (No dentists or fatties.)

Posted by Daniel Radosh


You meant to have said, "...charming, unlike Peter Landesman." You must have been pressed for time.

Have you checked your tracker to see how Boykin found the post? He isn't Googling himself, is he?

Jason -- didn't think of it in time, but I suspect he found it from someone who found it via the Slate link.

Steve -- actually, making the link took more time. Plus: Subtle!

I'm responding a month post facto, but I actually wanted to share with you my own "artistic" lyric inspired by McGrath's article and Boykin's vision. I first posted this on my site (schadenfraulines.blogspot.com) on March 28 just after reading the article.

Oh, the likes of them,
the likes of them.
southern-bred and
That they'd wed
is no suprise.
And what better gift for the newly-jewelly weds
than their very own
Louisiana Purchase--
due East of Key West.

Their intentions are not
completely "avaricious."
So Moby says
(but he also sunk--perhaps too soon,
and too easily--one million dollars
into this venture).

Oh say can you survey?
What does a white liberal call the colonizing
and subversive nation-building
of a third-world country?
Why, an "artists colony," of course.
Complete with beach-front bungalows
(only 250 available though;
and absolutely not
to be Meired in white
according to Celerie).
Going, going, gone!
For the low low price of $50,000.
That is, if you are of keen intellect,
and socially conscious
and selectively, if not prolifically,
and and and
"cash poor."
But, as Boykin says, you must be
most importantly

Be advised to do as Boykin does
which is:
Do not drink the water,
Do not speak the language (Spanish is a devilish tongue),
Do not empower the native peoples as partners,
but keep them subservient
as ornaments,
and drunk
on the free-flowing kettle drum rum
and the vapors of aspiration.

And when the parent scolds the child for littering,
as parents tend to do
Let the children respond with a hearty, if drunken,
"fuck you."

Oh Missus Celerie Ma'am,
why bother to "slit the throat"
of this terra firma mistress
When you've already cut out
her heart?

Wow. Did all of this Boykin hate come from The New Yorker article? I actually just got home from Boykin and Celerie's, where I worked a book party for them. I am a writer who lives in a hovel uptown--no kind of elite socialite--and I can proffer some first-hand knowledge of the couple. They're nice, good people. So, they were born into money. They do good things with it. Amazing how you can hate someone without ever meeting him or her. Celerie is indeed a talented designer. They're a sweet, open couple and their dog is damn cute. Don't hate them because they're beautiful...
And I'm sorry to tell you, but Moby's pretty chill too.

We don't hate them because they are beautiful -- which, by the way, they are not. They're pretty average looking, Lela Rose couture aside. We hate them because they are pompous asses who belittle Dominicans, think they're better than other people simply because they were born into money and think they're creative when all both of them did was get hired by their mommy and daddy. Oh, and because she's named after a freaking vegetable (OK, actually, that's not a reason to hate her. It's a reason to feel sorry for her).

This isn't hate KEA. And it certainly isn't about the money. That would be too easy.
It's just a little insight for the culturally myopic. Did you even read the article? Or are you a bit hesitant to bite the hand that literally feeds you?
Interesting that the illustration of the "beautiful" couple accompanying the New Yorker was not a pretty or flattering one. The artist seemed to have their own insights about the like as well.

Cheers PD

I know this is mean, since it's not her fault she has such a ridiculous name (can't she sue her parents for emotional abuse?), but I can't help myself. Her name made me think of that scene in When Harry Met Sally:

Harry: Sheldon? No, no. You did not have great sex with Sheldon.
Sally: I did too.
Harry: No, you didn't. A Sheldon can do your income taxes. If you need a root canal, Sheldon's your man, but humpin' and pumpin' is not Sheldon's strong suit. It's the name. 'Do it to me, Sheldon.' 'You're an animal, Sheldon.' 'Ride me, big Sheldon.' It doesn't work.

Try to imagine: "You look hot... Celerie," "I want you... Celerie," "I want to make love all night to you... Celerie."

Sorry, but it just doesn't work either.
I just hope they don't name their children Carrot and Cucumber. Those kids are going to have enough problems without saddling them with ridiculous names.

Are you sure Celerie is "a talented designer," KEA? Because I just saw the furniture she designed for Kemble Interiors (her mother's company) and it's soooo ugly. In my humble opinion, it belongs in a trailer park, not in a penthouse.
Here is the link:

Oh. My. God. Someone would have to pay me (a lot of money!) to have that furniture in my place. The Lamp Table has got to be one of the ugliest, tackiest pieces of furniture ever designed.
I'll no longer make fun of her name. It actually becomes her. This woman has about as much talent as a stalk of celery.

couldn't agree more. ugly as hell.

Hello smart folks,

Just read the article and needed to seek out some succor --by finding people who were as horrified by it as me. Loved the poem, Sheherezade. I do think that the writer of the piece was blinded by the hope of tropical antiterrorist talks with Mariska Hagirtay, not to mention anti dentist talks with Chris Meloni.I would be. Still, if you're reading this Boychick or Celery, I am free to visit anytime, rain or shine. I'm sure I'll be able to find some clinically depressed Dominicans who know bohemian Dentists who litter. Truly, ivite my obscure ass for a free trip. That would be really creative casting.

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