April 10, 2006

All Bush's base are no longer belong to him

Good luck selling your next war, Mr. President. On Friday, before news broke about the pending invasion of Iran, I had a funny exchange with a woman who runs the warehouse at the country's largest Christian megastore, in Spartanburg, South Carolina — the reddest city in the reddest state in red America, as the store's owner put it. The warehouse manager was telling me about all the places they ship packages too and mentioned "an American soldier stationed in Iran." I asked if she meant Iraq, and the way she chuckled at her mistake made me feel comfortable enough to say, "I don't think we have any troops in Iran yet."

"Not yet," she laughed sardonically. And then more seriously: "Let's hope we never will."

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Right, Daniel, because we Republicans were jumping up and down with glee at the prospect of invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

I hope we never have to send troops into Iran, but I also hope Bush doesn't permit Iran to develop nuclear warheads.

We've reached a sorry place when a Republican feels the need to argue with the contention that Americans are reasonable human beings who would be appalled at the thought of starting another disastrous war.

Good lord, I hate George Bush.

Daniel, I see his point. I didn't think it worthwhile enough to leave this as the first comment, but you've spun this little anecdote into a false dilemma: Hoping we don't go to war with Iran doesn't preclude supporting George Bush in everything he does, even up to and including invading Iran. To a certain mindset, while that would be unfortunate, they would shrug it off as something that just has to be done, because GWB said so.

Maybe you had to have been there. All I can say is that the vibe was very different from anything I heard from conservatives during the run up to Iraq.

"I hope we never have to send troops into Iran, but I also hope Bush doesn't permit Iran to develop nuclear warheads."

Ah, what could happen?

While I am not in favor or nuclear armament, where does the US or any other country get off trying to govern the world in general. There is no doubt in anyone's mind that Bush is a total Ass who simply spews that which he is programed to spew by those around him, he does have some thoughts of his own at times usually stupid ones and those around him don't disuade him. If this idiot wants to go to war he will and that is the most unfortunate thing about all this.

It's time to keep our noses out of other peoples business and try to do our own laundry. We still have people in our own country who have no home, job or proper education.

Stay out of Iran! Take a look around you and see that your own people need your help, not the world.

And what "Help" are you to the world Mr. Bush? None!

Yeah, if we leave them alone, everything will be just fine.

Obviously we can't "leave them alone," and equally obviously, the only alternative is to nuke them. What's the problem?

We can't? Huh.

Reddest state? Come on. Matt Santos won it. How red can it be?

I dearly hope we'll all look back someday and laugh (guardedly but gratefully) at how worried we were that Bush and Ahmadinejad had set us on a path toward a conflagration spanning the whole Middle East. But like that warehouse manager, I'm feeling rather "more seriously" these days.

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