March 29, 2006

Is it safe?

Friend of the site Jon Miller found himself a nice little nugget about Hugh Hewitt, Terror Warrior. It'll take you a minute to read and provide chuckles for days.

Among the folks picking up on Miller's find is CJR Daily, which also zeroes on

View From a Height, who, like Hewitt, proudly displays a deep ignorance of what life is like on the ground in Iraq. "While it does seem that Ware has gotten out of the bar at the Palestine Hotel," they write, propping up the lame -- and wrong -- impression that reporters are simply chilling out, having a few brews, when they could be out reporting.

Actually the ignorance goes even deeper than that. According to a real journalist at The New York Times,

The violence outside its gates finally crashed in, and now the Palestine joins the rest of Baghdad, struggling to survive and hoping for better days. The lobby is a mess, with wires dangling from the ceiling and glass crunching underfoot, the leftovers of a suicide attack last fall... The rooftop Panoramic Bar looks more like a Pompeii bar, its stools and love seats covered in a fine gray dust.

Oops, better come up with a new shorthand for the cushy safe part of Baghdad. How about "Turkey"?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


It's also telling that Hewitt thinks the Empire State Building is in "downtown Manhattan."

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