March 23, 2006

Now that's a universal remote

What makes me giggle about Dick Cheney's hotel rider is not that his wife drinks Perrier, or that he seems unaware that all Sprite is caffeine free, or that he wants to watch Fox News. It's that he expects the hotel staff to tune the TVs to Fox News for him before he gets there. Sure, he can't be expected to do it himself. I'm pretty sure that Cheney doesn't press buttons unless it's to nuke Tehran. But the hotel staff? Is something wrong with Scooter Libby's index finger?

Maybe he's afraid that the TV will turn on at a bad channel and he'll accidentally see something indecent. In which case I hope to hell he's also avoiding the web site of the Parent's Television Council.

By the way, all this prudery is filtering down. Apparently, sluts today won't even take off their bras at an orgy?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


4 cans of Sprite and 4-6 bottles of water? Well, for all his health problems, at least we know that his prostate is functioning fine.

This tuning of the tvs to Fox News is something I have come across before. Maybe in a photo feature during the run up to the election?

In any case, it's ringing a major bell. I will try to figure out where I came across the info and pass it along.

Pretuning is a simple time- and stress-saving request, and top executives/politicians are extraordinarily short of time.

Since Cheney didn't write the request, we don't know whether he's aware of Sprite's decaffeinated status, or whether an intern or advance person didn't know, or whether they're just trying to ensure that Mountain Dew isn't substituted.

Any top politician's advance sheet is going to look equally silly.

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