March 21, 2006

Who says dick jokes will get you nowhere?

Congratulations to one of Radosh.net's most loyal readers and commenters, Vance Lehmkuhl, whose Dick Cheney hunting game won the people's choice award in the latest Huffington Post Contagious Festival. And unlike some HuffPo contributors we could name, Vance actually created the thing himself.

So what, you ask? Well as a reward, Vance got to jam with John Cusack, who looks not at all skeptical about the whole thing in that second picture down. True, he also had to have dinner with Arianna Huffington (hope there was a veggie option!) but that's a small price to pay for meeting Lloyd Dobler.

So tell us Vance. What did you talk about? What did you sing? How quickly did Cusack collect his paycheck and run for the door? Did you get to correct anyone's grammar? C'mon, you don't want the (grrr) Inquirer to have all the good HuffPo dirt, do you?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Well, since you asked...

We talked about the Contagious Festival, and George Clooney and all that, and the movie John Cusack's about to start shooting, and whether or not the Bush administration will bomb Iran before the elections in November.

We played songs that Paul Hipp knew, mostly of the rockabilly era (though you wouldn't suspect it from that "jammin" photo), each of which I would generally work out all the chords correctly by about halfway through the song. I did sing once, the high harmony part on "All I Have to Do Is Dream." But I didn't do any of my own witty originals because I had stupidly failed to anticipate that there would be a piano available and practice some of them up for such an occasion.

And yes, there was a vegan platter just for me. Arianna was great. I kept watching, of course, for opportunities to correct her grammar but unfortunately she speaks English better than most people I know, so I left there disappointed in that endeavor.

Still, other than that, a great night!

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