March 15, 2006

A pug makes anything cute


I just found out that an old friend of mine has been spending way too much time photoshopping his dog into famous photos and movie stills. The joke works best when the collection is viewed as a whole, but if you must skip to the funniest and most disturbing image, that would be this one.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Wish I'd thought of this.

It's hard out there for a pug.

Cute, if unoriginal, idea. The problem is that the above photo is easily the best of the bunch, so once you click it's all downhill.

I found Vance's comment pedestrian and unsurprising. He's posted interesting comments before, but his best work is clearly behind him.

It's true, I've never been able to live up to that very first comment I made here.

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