March 14, 2006

Updated list of people we want to party with: Garthe Knight, Vampire Willow, Floyd Allen

i_garthe.jpg A collection of links in honor of Claude Allen:

Evil twins in fantasy...

in reality...

in philosophy...

and in operating systems.

An ancient evil twin tribute page.

And how to make your own evil twin.

But wait, which is the evil one?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Ah, the good old days...

Wait, did Ed ever end up posting the Police State newsletters as PDF files? Man, I'd so geek out over that. Well, more than usual, anyway.

But did you know you were spelling Garthe wrong all those years? If only we'd had the internets.

Objectivism is a parody of Nietzsche in which, instead of being a new kind of human, you masturbate compulsively in your parents' basement.

Wrong? Well, while his final 'e' was silent, mine was both silent *and* invisible! Howzat for evil?

(Why, yes, I am post-call right now. How did you know?)

He He He ....good old days!!

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